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How Professional Mats Keep Customers Calm

February 04 2021
calm customers

Keeping customers calm and content as much as possible is a goal of any business. Irate and unhappy customers are bad for business. It turns your other customers off and causes distress for your employees. That’s why it is important to create a business atmosphere that keeps your customers as happy as they are satisfied with your service. And there’s one secret tool in your arsenal that can help with that: your professional floor mats.

How exactly do professional floor mats help with that? Here are a couple of reasons:

Calm Customers Like Knowing They Are Safe

Millions of Americans suffer from slip and fall accidents every year. A good chunk of these cases happens to customers in businesses. In fact, slip and fall accidents in service, wholesale and retail trade industries make up to 60% of all slip and fall injuries.

The right high-traction floor mats are your customers’ best protection against costly, and sometimes deadly, accidents. 

The sight of clean, high-quality floor mats gives your customers the assurance of safety. It shows them that you are doing your part to keep your facility in tiptop, safe condition for their benefit. In essence, professional floor mats show that you care about them.

Calm Customers Love Clean Floors

There are many things that can irk customers. Nothing, however, can make such a bad first impression as the sight of dirty, muddy, or wet floors. Professional mats help with that. Not only are good floor mats great at keeping your floors clean; they send out the right message to your customers.

Professionally maintained floor mats make visible your commitment to keeping your facility clean and hygienic. They show that you have high standards when it comes to your facility’s upkeep. This is especially important in certain businesses and industries like healthcare, food service, and hospitality.

Nobody Likes Walking in Muddy Shoes

Securing professional floor mats for your facility also shows your customers that you care about their comfort. No one feels secure walking around indoors with dirty, wet, or muddy soles. Having floor mats allows your customers to clean up their shoes for their own comfort and safety. It shows conscientious, customer care on your end. It’s little things like this that accumulate into a reputation of reliability – and that’s always good news for your business.

The Right Professional Floor Mats for Your Business

Do you have the right professional mats for your facility? A good floor mat, no matter the type, has the following characteristics:

High-Quality Materials

You need your floor mats to have the capacity to stay in shape for a long time, no matter how heavy foot traffic may be. They should not curl at the edges or have an uneven surface. Abrasions should also be pronounced to make sure that they are working.

Professional Maintenance

Quality is not everything when it comes to your commercial floor mats. They also need professional cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimum performance.

Improved Traction

Finally, your professional floor mats should come with certified, high-traction backing, ideally one made of 100% nitrile rubber. This is your best assurance against slip and fall accidents.

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