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Keep a Steady Supply with Sparkle

May 15 2020
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Finding a reliable provider of medical, hospitality, mat, uniform, or facility services is easier said than done. When it comes to consistent quality and timely delivery, some providers fall short for many reasons. From providing low-quality materials to late or incorrect deliveries, there are many frustrations when dealing with an incapable provider. 

When your business gets its supply through Sparkle, those frustrations are left in the past. Here’s how Sparkle consistently delivers your business’s supply. 

High-Quality Materials, Always

When it comes to the materials we provide our clients, there’s no room for short-changing. A buck saved by providing low-quality materials is far more expensive long term. Only by providing consistent quality can we ensure that our customers are happy with our service, and that’s what we do. We recognize the long-term benefits of honest business, so that’s what we provide. Without a service provider you can count on, things get unnecessarily difficult. 

It’s only thanks to this reliable consistency that Sparkle can maintain the long-term partnerships that we have. It’s that kind of reliability we’d like to supply your business. 

Scantrax: Our RFID-powered Monitoring System

With RFID, we can reliably track your linens through our intake, preparation, and delivery procedures. This technology allows us to claim 100% delivery accuracy on every garment in your order. What you order is what you get, every time. 

Local Ownership, Family Values 

Through 65 years, Sparkle has remained a family-owned business. We’ve seen a lot over the years, but one thing’s always been the same: our dedication to our community. We know our success is due to the supportive partners and friends around us, and we’ve never forgotten that. As a family-owned business, we decide what our priorities are and, for us, it will always be our customers’ satisfaction. With Sparkle, long-term business success always beats short-term gains. 

Reliable Linen and Uniform Provider 

Medical facilities are in more need than ever for reliable, truly clean quality linens and uniforms. If your medical facility or imaging place needs a well supplied, dependable, customer-service oriented medical linen and uniform service, Sparkle is ready to supply it. We offer, medical uniforms, patient gowns, and medical linens.

We also supply hospitality businesses with the services they need including table linens, kitchen linens, and hospitality uniforms. From the front of the house to the back of the house, Sparkle has you covered.

If you need flame-resistant uniforms, high-quality floor mats, mops, and restroom products, Sparkle can deliver. We are truly your one-stop-shop!

Personalized Service 

There’s no business like yours, and your service provider should treat you like a unique person, not a number. We know that every client’s needs are different, and we build our supply to those specific needs. To ensure those needs are constantly met, our awesome customer service representatives are always nearby, ready to fix your problem. 

Professional Training and Staff

Real success in any business is bottom-up. To make all the claims we’re making, we need well-trained and experienced personnel taking care of the most important parts of our business. From our customer service to our operators, sorters, and drivers, every employee of Sparkle gets the training they need to succeed. 

For Steady Business Supply, Contact Sparkle Uniform Today!

If you’re ready for high-quality, always-right business supply, give us a call at (661) 634-1130 or contact us here. We’re more than ready to get your business what it needs when it needs it.