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Why Local Uniform Service in California Beats International Providers

September 01 2020
Local Uniform Service in California (1)

It’s easy for people to say, ‘Go Local!’ when they’re not the ones choosing between a local vendor and a household name competitor. It’s even easier for them to encourage you to do it in the name of supporting your local economy. After all, local business helps the local economy, and local uniform service in California is no different.  

Full disclosure: we get that making that choice is hard when what’s at stake is the future of your business. You have to look out for yourself and pick the provider who brings you the most advantage.

When it comes to your commercial uniform service needs, there are a couple of reasons that will not only encourage you to pick a local California service provider, but will certainly seal the deal for you!

Local Uniform Service Means Cost and Time Efficiency

Topping the list of clear, unquestionable advantages to working with a local facility instead of an international uniform provider is efficiency in both cost and time.

How exactly is a local company going to be more cost-efficient than an international business? It mostly lies in the fact that international companies have more overhead costs to catch up with. They have bigger facilities to maintain – the cost of which will eventually fall on their price tags. Unlike retail goods that can be mass-produced and thus cheaper when bought from bigger franchises, service industries become cheaper the closer they operate to home.

This means that buying local is more time-efficient because of shorter travel time. They don’t lose as much time as a bigger, more distant facility.

A More Personal, Familial Approach

As appealing as shorter time and lower costs seem, we believe the biggest draw that a local California business has over an international company is the kind of personal relationship and partnership that can develop between two local companies.

An international company, presumably and most likely run by transplanted upper office managers, has a more distant, detached approach to doing business. There’s hardly any room for a conversation. Consultations that go beyond pickup and delivery schedules are less likely to be considered, either. It’s nothing more than a basic exchange of services and payments.

That’s the complete opposite of what a local company gives you. The highest management is likely sitting a couple of floors above their laundry facility. A good number of their employees probably live in your city, and they may even have patronized your business on more than one occasion. In creating and maintaining the very uniforms that will represent your brand, a personal relationship makes a world of difference.

Go Local Today with Sparkle!

Anyone can offer good uniform services. Someone can probably even promise you the best uniforms in the country! But only a California local can offer you your most personal, most familiar uniform service ever. Go local today with Sparkle! Contact us at (661) 634-1130 or get in touch with us here.