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Mold Prevention for Public Restrooms

May 01 2018
mold prevention

Mold is a menace!

And this nasty thing doesn’t care whether your restrooms are brand new or old – any restroom is at risk of growing this organism. So, make sure you have your mold prevention protocols ready.

Mold is not only nasty-looking, but it can cause serious allergic reactions that are especially dangerous for children, people with severe asthma, and people who have compromised immune systems. Here’s how you can prevent mold from penetrating your business restrooms!

Understanding Mold

The key matter in preventing mold buildup in your public restroom is understanding what makes it grow and thrive in the first place.

Mold is a fungus that is found in the natural environment. While it does abound in nature, it needs special conditions to appear indoors – conditions that are, unfortunately, easily met inside most bathrooms.

Mold appears as green, gray, or black stuff that is stuck on the tiles, grout, and other surfaces of your restroom. Mold thrives in dark, wet, and humid environments. The constant use of water plus the lack of aeration in restrooms – not to mention the constant coming and going of restroom users bringing in different debris – adds to the higher risk of mold growth in restrooms.

Tips for Mold Prevention

tips for mold prevention

1. Keep restrooms dry.

Since mold flourishes in moisture, the most important step in mold growth prevention is to keep surfaces dry. After treating the floors, walls, and other surfaces, wipe them off with a separate dry mop and rags to make sure that the least amount of moisture is left on them. Also, avoid leaving damp towels and damp rags to air dry inside the restroom as they can contribute to the moisture in the air that in turn makes mold and mildew grow. The right mats in your business can also help prevent the buildup of moisture. 

2. Prevent and/or fix leaks.

Since moisture is the biggest ‘fertilizer’ of mold spores in restrooms, it goes without saying that leaks must be fixed and avoided at all costs.

3. Clean your restrooms at the end of every day.

Use abrasive cleaning materials such as brushes and rough wipes to remove mold stuck on surfaces. This is especially crucial in the gaps between tiles, nooks, and grout. Use old toothbrushes between corners and hard to reach areas. And make sure that you’re using cleanser with disinfecting properties, for instance, bleach-based cleanser. Get the right mops for the job also!

4. Do a thorough clean/disinfection at least once a week.

Let the disinfecting substance sit for a while to ensure that spores do not get a chance to thrive.

Amp up your mold prevention!

facility services mold prevention

Protect your business restrooms from the menace that is mold by following these simple steps, as well as stocking up on restroom equipment and mats from Sparkle! Call 661-634-1130 for a consultation!