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How Uniform Service Simplifies the Workday

September 23 2021

Weighing the benefits of going with or without uniform service? Well, let us bring an end to the debate with this simple fact: uniform service simplifies the workday. In order to understand how we need to examine what life without it is like. 

Common Problems that Uniform Service Simplifies

Out of the numerous common problems that uniform service simplifies, there are three that cause the most damage. They are:

Low Productivity

There are many factors that may be affecting your business’s productivity. Staff might not have the tools they need to perform at their best. They also may be in dangerous or uncomfortable conditions without the proper protection which slows their progress. 

Linen Loss

Linen loss is a common problem that affects industries across the world. American hospitals, for example, are estimated to lose over $840 million every year as a result. This can be a result of workers throwing out linens they think are too far gone or taking them home and losing them there. It is especially common when leaving laundry to your staff. 

Budgetary Concerns

Linen loss isn’t the only way that your business could lose money without uniform service. If you’re not using the best, most clean linens you can get your hands on, then it’s very easy to scare away customers. The lack of maintenance also increases the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents and the tolls that come with them

SPARKLE’s Uniform Service Simplifies the Workday

Uniform service should be a boon, not a burden. That’s why SPARKLE works hard to provide our clients with uniforms, laundry, and maintenance that takes care of these issues ourselves. Working with SPARKLE means your workday simplifies because there’s no longer any need to worry about low productivity, linen loss, or uniform-related budgetary concerns. SPARKLE:

  • Empowers Your Staff. We provide your staff with uniforms that protect them effectively from the dangers of their jobs and, as a result, improve their performance. Flame-resistant, high-visibility, sturdy, comfortable? You name it, we supply it!
  • Maintains Steady Supply. Uniform service with SPARKLE means we take care of your inventory with routine laundry and maintenance. Our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced tracking technology, and team of experienced specialists will wash and repair every uniform so it’s always as good as new and in stock. 
  • Decreases Spending. It seems counterintuitive that signing up for a rental service leads to less spending but this is the truth! Our uniform service is affordable, providing clients with the highest quality uniforms in the industry for competitive prices they can’t find anywhere else. Through comprehensive testing and maintenance, torn uniforms and slip-and-fall injuries are no longer concerns!

Contact SPARKLE Today!

Uniform service simplifies the workday in ways that are too beneficial to ignore. That’s why should start with SPARKLE’s affordable, clean, and reliable service today! Call us at 1 (800) 646-1130 or direct your inquiries here to learn more about how we can help you.