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Anti-Fatigue Mats

One-up the ergonomics of your business and create a more conducive working environment for your employees with the right quality of anti-fatigue mats only from Sparkle!

Get your hands on our selection of anti-fatigue mats and find the ones that perfectly suit your needs.

What Do Our Anti-Fatigue Mats Do?

These floor mats are your best investment for your employees’ at-work safety and welfare! They are designed to address problems related to standing for extended periods like:

 – Back pain

 – Pain in the lower extremities

 – Numbness and nerve pain

 – Varicose veins

 – Excessive fatigue

The ergonomically-engineered mats create the right floor conditions to minimize the impact of standing on one’s feet. The right anti-fatigue mats can help make working easier and more comfortable for your employees and can help increase their productivity and motivation to be part of your team, knowing that their well-being is looked after.

Anti-fatigue mats are best for use in businesses like:

 – Restaurants

 – Commercial Kitchens

 – Hotels

 – Automotive Repair Shops

 – Lobbies

 – Offices

 – Retail Stores

 – Manufacturing Facilities

 – Laboratories

Sparkle Mat Services Like No Other

There are many mat rental service providers out there, but only a few can claim in-depth and expansive knowledge on mats. Having been in the business for over 65 years has given us that knowledge. We match up our unbeatable industry experience with a continuous reinvention and improvement of the way we deliver our products and services to ensure that your needs – your unique business needs, no matter how big or small – are met and met with full satisfaction.

Our mat rental service comes with the same guarantee of personalized, accessible service from our customer care and professional service team. We use topnotch mat maintenance technology as well to ensure that every mat you receive is in its best condition to meet your expectations.               

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