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Flame-Resistant Garments

flame-resistant garments

Uniforms are an essential feature in many types of businesses, whether they are needed in order to prevent cross-contamination in the food industry, or simply to make your business look put-together and make it easier to identify staff members.

But what your business might need is a uniform that is ultra-protective for your employees, something that could potentially save their lives. This is a uniform that is flame-resistant, meaning that increased heat levels from an electric arc or fire will not cause uniform materials to either melt or ignite.

At Sparkle, we specialize in flame-resistant uniform garments that are in line with the OSHA requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE). A uniform isn’t just about a great aesthetic. A uniform can both look great and serve the necessary function of protecting the wearer.

Our Uniform Rental Programs

With something as serious as protective materials, it’s not as simple as purchasing the materials and expecting your employees to wash them at home.

Doing so could easily damage or shrink the garment, which could end up being costly for you to have to replace. That’s why the best route to getting your quality flame-resistant garments is through a quality uniform rental program that delivers the garments to you, picks your soiled garments up and launders them, and then delivers them right back to you.

With our high-quality flame-resistant garments, you can sleep a bit better knowing that we are helping you keep your employees safe from potential work hazards.

How We Keep Track of Your Uniforms

What really sets Sparkle apart is not only the amazing quality you get in uniforms, laundering, and customer service, but also the way that we make tracking and communication about garments easy. We utilize advanced technologies that make our uniform rental programs simple to use. These technologies include our UHF RFID tracking system to make sure that none of your garments get lost on our premises and that you always get exactly what you need with each and every delivery. We also have a garment repair app for your employees so that you can easily notify us if any of your uniforms will require any repairs.

Getting the garments that you need to help protect your employees on the job doesn’t need to be overly complicated. To learn more about our flame-resistant garments, rental programs and anything else you’d like to know about Sparkle, simply contact us today at 661-634-1130.