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Commercial Laundry Myths Busted

July 14 2020
laundry service myths

Is commercial laundry service everything it’s cut out to be? Or is it just another way to flush your money down the drain?

We’re breaking down some of the most common commercial laundry myths and bust them! 

Myth #1: It is Expensive

If you factor in the costs of: (a) having to acquire and maintain commercial laundry equipment; (b) hiring new employees for the in-house laundry facility; (c) bulk purchasing your linen and garment supplies; and (d) maintaining these supplies at a pace that would meet your demands, hiring a commercial laundry service provider will turn out to be much more affordable than building and running your own facility. 

The cost of the upfront investment alone can send you spiraling through an endless vortex of bills. What you’re paying for with the right laundry service provider is expertise, experience, skills and convenience that you cannot match without having to hire an experienced consultant and laundry manager which – surprise, surprise – is going to cost you an arm and a leg too! Did we already factor in the cost of overhead utilities in running a laundry facility? Those massive, industrial-sized washing machines don’t run on solar energy yet so that will definitely hurt your bill.  

Myth #2: The Cleanliness is Questionable

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about commercial laundry service is that it is the larger-scale equivalent of a coin laundromat. And that cannot be farther from the truth. A commercial laundry facility, at least a good one with the reputation to show for it, is an industrial powerhouse that uses precise science and advanced technology to get just the right results. 

Different types of textiles and garments have different needs, and the type of laundry procedure that cleans thoroughly without harming the material is not found by eyeballing. To get to the level of cleanliness required by a specific industry requires many deliberate, purposeful steps, with many safeguards in place to ensure that hospitality linens are clean, that medical linens are completely safe to use around even the most vulnerable patients, and that the protective garments retain their protective qualities throughout the rigid cleaning. And to do all that with minimal human interaction to limit exposure of post-wash products? Now that’s science. It’s a search for the perfect balance – and no laundromat or at-home laundry procedure can match, let alone top, that.

Myth #3: It is Harder to Manage the Inventory with a Third-Party Coming Into the Picture. 

This is one of the biggest concerns that we hear from potential clients, and we get it! It’s challenging when too many people take part in the decision. The “lack of control” can also worry some potential uniform or linen service benefactors. 

That’s why a good laundry facility does not leave you completely helpless. A customer- and solutions-centric commercial laundry facility gives you a wide range of options. It also allows for accurate, easy management of inventory. A solutions-oriented laundry facility will not leave you in the dark but does not add to your burden either.  For example, tech-based scanning solutions, check and double-check each piece and records them so you, as the business owner, know everything that happens, every step of the way. And because there are records of everything, inventory management is a breeze.

Sparkle is Your Reliable Provider

We get it. It’s scary. But it should not have to be a walk in the dark. It just takes the right partner company to do it for you. Contact Sparkle Uniform and Linen Service today to know what we’re talking about. Contact us at (661) 634-1130 to learn more!