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Linen and Uniform Services in Wasco

linen services tulareSparkle is proud to supply Wasco, California’s hospitals, clinics, hotels, and other industries with high-quality uniforms, linens, and mats. If you live in or near Wasco and are in need of linen, uniform, or mat rental services, Sparkle is the premium choice. 

Premium Quality, Optimal Service

At Sparkle, we know the value of quality. Whether it’s in the linens for your restaurant or hospital, or the uniforms on your employees, quality makes everything better. Quality materials can make or break experiences in your business, and we’re aware of it. Patients don’t need to be irritated with cheap linens and employee productivity suffers in scratchy uniforms. 

How can you be sure that you’ll get the quality we’re talking about? It’s simple. Sparkle is built to satisfy your needs. If we cut corners or slack, that makes a bad experience. Enough bad experiences, and you’ll find somebody else for your supply, and you’d be right to. That’s why we’re committed to your satisfaction. With top-notch quality and correct, timely delivery, Sparkle has everything you’d want from a linen and uniform supplier:

Uniform Rental

Put your brand’s best foot forward with commercial uniforms from Sparkle! We offer commercial and industrial uniforms, including protective clothing like flame-resistant uniforms.


Whether you need stylish server aprons or durable towels for your kitchen, we have you covered. We can provide your hospitality business with a wide range of hospitality uniforms and linens in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Outfit your business with only the best:


Tough times call for tough measures! And Sparkle is your most convenient way to protect your patients and your facility from the risks associated with medical linen services. Sparkle combines high-quality linens and garments with safe and hygienic laundry and handling for complete protection and satisfaction:

Mats and Mops

Keep your floors clean and safe with floor mats and mop services from Sparkle! We have options that fit whatever you need for style and floor protection. Plus, our durable and effective mops will make cleaning your floors simple and hassle-free:

Facility Services

Keep up with your janitorial needs and restroom supplies with Sparkle! We have a selection of products to help you achieve the cleanest conditions for your facility:

Tracking Technology

If misplaced or wrong uniforms have been a problem in the past, leave them there with Sparkle. We use advanced RFID chip tracking technology to keep a record of materials entering and leaving our facility. This ensures that you’re getting the materials you need and that we know where your materials are at all times. 

Why Work with Sparkle? 

Aside from quality and timely delivery, our dedicated customer support services will make your concerns their personal mission. If something’s not right with your order and you want to voice a concern, there’s always someone to talk to. 

To join our satisfied customers, give us a call at (661) 634-1130, visit our website, or contact us for a free quote for services!